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Super Exchanging!

How to get 2 or 3 Weeks for 1

Super Exchanging 
Super exchanging is easy to do if you plan for it.  The easiest way to do it is to own a Lockout Unit.  A lockout unit is one timeshare unit that can be divided into two, three or four units.  How?  Simple.

You've been in a hotel with a connecting door, right?  The same thing works here.  I recently stayed in a 2 bedroom lockout unit.  If you closed (and locked) the connecting doors, you separated the unit into a one bedroom timeshare with complete kitchen and bedroom, and one efficiency unit as the second bedroom.  Yes, the efficiency unit was a little small, but acting just as the second bedroom it does fine.  It's also a good unit for the couple that plans to stay on the go all the time and wants to save money on purchase and maintenance costs. 

The reason these units are so special, is that you could bank them as one unit to two units if you're the owner of a two bedroom unit.  I've heard of people that own three bedroom units being able to bank them as three different weeks, it's your choice. 

Want to take the whole family one year?  Keep the whole unit.  Just you and the wife the next year?  Bank the parts f the timeshare you won't be using.  It's pretty cool, right?

That's why we like to call it Super Exchanging!

Lockout Units
Lockout or Lockoff Units are considered by many people to be the best values in timesharing, and if you're truly building a timeshare portfolio we'd suggest you consider buying a lockout unit. Why?  Because you buy one timeshare and you pay maintenance on that one timeshare.  But you have at least three options for banking your timeshare.  Bank one half, bank the other half, bank both halves as one big unit. 

For example.  We have a timeshare at Westgate Vacation Villas right by Walt Disney World.  This timeshare unit is a 3 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom lockout.  It can be banked as:


A 3 Bedroom timeshare


A Studio timeshare, while you use the 2 Bedroom portion for your vacation needs


A 2 Bedroom timeshare, while you use the Studio portion for your vacation needs.

You get the point.  It gives you flexibility.  Use the 2 Bedroom unit for the 4 people in the family.  Use the Studio as an exchange with RCI or Interval International for you and your wife to take a romantic week all by yourselves.  All for one maintenance fee!